3 487 MWh energy savings for our customers
801 233 luminaires controlled by Seak

Street Lighting Control in Kyiv

Effective lighting management system for smart city

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Innovative EV charger in Sabinov

Electric vehicle charger integrated into public lighting with load balancing

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Intelligent Lighting Control in Tesco

With Seak technology achieve almost 50% energy savings

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Unique and patented technology

SEAK SMART is a reliable lighting control system for commercial and industrial buildings that uses existing power lines for communication. Besides lighting, SEAK controls also provide connectivity for electric vehicle chargers and other IoT devices.


Manage the light intensity for the whole city, for luminaire groups or for each luminaire individually via web browser.


Add luminosity and motion sensors. SEAK system will automatically balance light intensity to get you the right light at minimum consumption.


Power capacity is automatically evenly distributed among charging cars according to their charging needs, capacity available and user profiles. Green energy can be prioritized for charging.

What's new in SEAK

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Smart lighting in Brezno

52 cabinets
User-friendly app
for lighting control
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5,3 mil. €
savings so far

Energy efficiency Tesco stores

200+ stores
in Slovakia and Czechia
over 5,3 mil. €
saved so far
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EV charger

NEDAL Aluminium BV - Utrecht

AC EV charger
integrated to lamp pole
Load balancing
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