Ordering code: LMCHS2SB

Selfstanding electric vehicle charger with 2 sockets, which can work independently or communicate with Seak lighting control system to negotiate the power available for electric vehicle (EV) charging and e-bike

  • Compatible with SEAK SMART CITY lighting control
  • Selfstanding electric vehicle charger with 2 sockets (Type 2, Mennekes) for e-cars and 4 sockets SCHUKO for e-bike
Parameter Value Parameter Value
Input voltage AC 3x230 V Own consumption max. 22 W
Total maximum output power 44 kW Communication interface 2-way powerline QM-50-SSI3
Maximum output current

car - 2x (3x32 A)
bike - 5A

Operating ambient temperature -25 °C ~ +50 °C
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